USAFIS: Palouse Falls

Lesser Known US Waterfalls Worth Visiting

If you are trying to find a place to visit for your summer vacation, consider these remote, lesser-known waterfalls in the United States

The official waterfall in the state of Washington is found in Palouse Falls State Park and has the same name. There are several campsites where you can stay in the summer when the park is calm and green, and in the winter as the waterfalls start to freeze. California is home to Alamere Falls, which are actually tidefalls because they feed into the ocean. These falls are extra special since you have the opportunity to visit the beach and the falls at the same time.

It is no surprise that Kauai, Hawaii, is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls. Wailua Falls is no exception. This double stream feeds into a 3-foot pool and is surrounded by green, lush scenery. You will have to hike a ways to see the falls, but once you are there, you will know it was worth the extra effort. Campbell Falls in Connecticut is one of many in the New England states. These falls are created by the lower and upper falls landing in opposite directions.

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