Immigrant Chef Living in America Feeds Millions for Free

Public figure and entrepreneur Jose Andres immigrated to America and became one of the best-known chefs in the country

His story began in Spain, his homeland. He worked as a chef near Barcelona at age 21. After being fired, he moved to the U.S. to try something new. He credits his move and the United States to him having the opportunity to open successful restaurants, start a TV show, and be the author of books. There are many opportunities available in the United States for you and your family.

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After Puerto Rico experienced massive destruction from Hurricane Maria, Andres went to the region and began feeding people hot meals. He eventually cooked 100,000 meals a day at over twelve kitchens across the island and he, with his team, fed hundreds of thousands of displaced people. Some people run away from danger, but heroes run toward it, which is what Andres did. He is a true U.S. immigration success story.

Meals a Day for Displaced People

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