US Job Search Tips You Should Know

If you are job searching the same way you did in 2005, your job hunt will last a long time. You must adopt a new strategy and tactics to be successful. Here are some hacks for U.S. job searching that could benefit you. If you are currently unemployed, announce that in your LinkedIn profile. You do not want to use “Seeking Next Position” or a general headline that does not tell what you do for a living. Be specific, such as “Recruiter In Search of New Challenge.” With the many U.S. job opportunities available, contact USAFIS to receive information on the visa process.

When you are filling out an online job application and are asked for past salary figures, use your current target salary. If there is an open comment box, explain that all salaries indicated represent the current salary target. If an employer asks how much you are currently earning, answer by saying, “In this job search I’m focusing on jobs in the $50,000 range (or whatever you are asking for). Is this job in that range?” Be aware of what wages are normal for the job in which you are interested. You will be able to give the recruiter a salary target that fits the range.

The first things a recruiter sees when reviewing your resume would be the title you give yourself and the summary you write introducing yourself. The reader can look at the resume and see how you are qualified to fill the open position. Living and working in the U.S. can become a reality by contacting USAFIS. They will walk you through every step of the U.S. immigration process.

  1. Announce you are looking for a job in your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Use your current target salary when filling out an online job application.
  3. Check if the job is in the range for your target salary.
  4. The title and your introduction is the first thing a recruiter sees when reviewing your resume.


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