Best Places to Work in America for Salary and Benefits

When narrowing down the most important factors in a company when looking for a job, pay and benefits are the most important. Close to one-third of millennials said they would change jobs in the USA if a raise were in the picture. Job site, Indeed, examined over 18 million companies from former and current employee reviews to see which companies were the most generous with wages. Included in the factors were health care, hourly pay dental care, retirement plans, and parental leave. If you are looking for a job and are willing to relocate to the U.S., contact USAFIS for help with the Green Card Lottery application process.

Costco, a wholesale retailer, came in first place on the list for pay and compensation. Currently, all employees receive more than $13 an hour which is well above minimum wage. One employee said, “They have a graduated wage program that’s based purely on total hours worked. Show up, do your job, and your pay goes up on its own.” FedEx, a shipping services company, ranked fourth thanks to the generous benefits they offer to part-time employees. “FedEx provided me a great job with great benefits. I worked there for 20 years with great vacation time, benefits, stability and a great environment,” mentioned one employee. Several of the companies on the list provide healthcare and retirement along with several other benefits. Apple offers a gym and doctor’s office on campus. USAFIS can assist you and your family to live a better life in America by helping you through the application process. Contact them today.

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