Help Wanted: Workers Needed for 6.6 Million US Job Openings!

The United States saw a historically unusual statistic in March 2018: The number of US job openings was equal to the number of unemployed. Most of the time, unemployed are more than job openings available. Companies are having a hard time filling jobs in the USA from a declining supply of unemployed. There were a total of 6.6 million open positions in March, which is the highest on record going back to December 2000. This number shows businesses are trying to grow their staff to meet the strong demand.

The job opportunities in the US make it a great time to relocate to America for work. USAFIS is an organization that wants to help you and your family to enjoy a better life in the United States. They will support you through the Green Card Lottery process.

The US job market is now in favor of those looking for jobs and workers. The best part of this is it should increase pay, and several economists agree wage gains will go up in the next few months. Chris Rupkey, a chief financial economist at MUFG Bank, said, “Employers beware. Wages have nowhere to go but up. It’s just a matter of time.”  Usually, when this happens, employers would post fewer jobs as the unemployment rate is on the decline, due to the cost of luring workers into jobs. But now, with wage gains slow-moving, companies are posting more jobs in the USA because it won’t cost them a lot to fill the positions. USAFIS can help you apply for the Green Card Lottery without errors on the application.

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