How Much Does It Cost to Live in the USA in Each State?

Each state in the USA has a different monetary amount needed to live comfortably based on food and housing costs. Data from MIT’s living wage calculator determines the minimum amount required to meet your basic needs without asking for outside help. Their model figures in food, health insurance, and additional regular costs. Consider contacting USAFIS for immigration information. They can help answer any questions you may have, as well as walk with you through every step of the U.S. immigration process.

CNBC Make It helped to map out what a living wage should be for a single person wanting to live above the poverty line, in all states. The figures do not include conveniences like vacations, restaurant meals, and investments. The total needed to live comfortably in Alabama is $23,180.  You would need to make $29,133 before taxes in California, and you could expect to pay $12,551 in housing annually. Delaware has a lower housing cost, $9,496, but you will still need to make a wage of $25,869 to live comfortably. Michigan has an estimated food cost of $3,050 and housing costs of $6,610. Mississippi has an estimated housing cost of $6,657, and you will need to make $22,589 before taxes to live above the poverty line. To live a comfortable life in Ohio, you will need to make an income of $21,778 annually.

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