What Are the General American Green Card Questions?


If you have considered entering the Green Card Lottery, it is likely that you have some questions. Here at USAFIS, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. While there are some questions that can only be answered by our experts, we know that there are similarities to all situations regarding the Green Card Lottery. We are here to assist you and help you find the answers that you need.

Explanation of the Green Card Lottery

Did you know that there are 50,000 permanent resident cards available each year through the Green Card Lottery Program? Through the American Green Card Lottery, an official government program in the United States, foreign nationals have the opportunity to legally live and work in America. Other names used for the Green Card Lottery are the Diversity Visa or DV Lottery. USAFIS has helped thousands of people successfully submit their applications to the Green Card Lottery.

When to Submit Your Entry

The United States government announces the dates each year when you can submit your Green Card Lottery application. This date is usually for a 30-day period at the end of the year. When you work with USAFIS, you can register any time throughout the year.

Once we learn about the entry date, we will submit your application for you. This takes the burden off you to make sure you submit your application at the right time. We don’t want anyone to miss this important deadline.

The Green Card Lottery Selection Process

Through a computer program, approximately 100,000 Green Card Lottery applications are selected. A reference number is given to each winner, who in turn must complete certain applications, have a security check, and get a medical exam. These things must all be done before Green Card approval can be considered. USAFIS will keep you in-the-know to answer your questions and keep you informed. This whole process may take up to a year, and from the 100,000 entries that were originally selected, there will be 50,000 people who will receive the Green Card to enter the United States.

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