Can Spouses Apply Separately for the 2018 Green Card Lottery to Increase Their Odds of Winning?

entrepreneur-593358_640Many husbands and wives want to apply for the 2018 Green Card Lottery at the same time. However, if you both qualify for the card, you might be able to submit two separate applications during the registration time. This would double your chances for admittance as a Green Card Lottery winner.

One of the applications would be for you, as the main applicant, which would include your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21. Your spouse can likely also file an application as the main applicant and list you and your children as the derivatives.

If either your or your spouse’s application is selected in the Green Card Lottery, all of the people included in the winning application would be eligible to apply for immigration to the United States. The experts at USAFIS can assist you with this process and give you information on submitting two applications to the Green Card Lottery if both you and your spouse qualify. They will also be available to assist you and your family throughout the application process for immigration to the United States.

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