USAFIS for Cision Newswire: President Biden has significantly improved immigration policy in the United States

 Elsie Crisman, Public Relations Manager at the USAFIS Organization said to “Cision PR Newswire” that the United States has significantly eased its immigration policy since Joe Biden took office.

Crisman: “For the past two decades, USAFIS has been helping thousands of people around the world to correctly apply for various immigrant and non-immigrant U.S. visa programs, so we are quite familiar with the trends and definitely noticed a huge difference between the attitudes indicated by many potential immigrants during the previous four years and the renewed enthusiasm foreign nationals are currently expressing.”

Current number of US Citizens that were born in foreign countries.

If dream of a visa to the United States – now is the right time to do to something about it. The political climate is more tolerant than ever. Contact USAFIS for more info. 

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