Nigerian Boy Becomes a Chess Master After Immigrating to America

Tani Adewumi began his immigrant journey by feeling persecution in Nigeria and relocating to the United States. Although facing much adversity along the way, as many refugees do, he found his place in his new country by joining the chess team at his school. While living in a homeless shelter in New York, he became the youngest chess master in the US, after coming in first at his latest championship. Tani’s next goal is to be the youngest grandmaster in the world. There are so many opportunities for success in the United States for newcomers.

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A New York Times writer, Nicholas Kristof, published two articles on the young lad and even mentioned him in his book. Despite Tani’s wins, his family lived in a homeless shelter at the time. After one of the articles was published, a GoFundMe fundraiser was started and over $250,000 was raised for the family to live in better housing. Paramount Pictures won the rights to his story and his family relocated to Port Jefferson, NY.

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