USAFIS Experts about Buying a House in America

When you first come to America, it’s likely that you won’t have the finances to buy a home, but most foreign nationals who move to the United States know that they want to eventually own a house of their own.

USAFIS helps thousands of individuals and families move to the United States and buying a home is usually on the list of items to be accomplished.


If you do have the means to buy a house, you will likely be required to pay 20% of the total of the cost of the home. This will lower your monthly payment and help you avoid the extra expense of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).


If you pay less than 20%, you will likely have to pay a higher interest rate and the PMI cost will be added to your monthly mortgage payments.



The cost of a home in the United States will vary upon the location, condition, and size of the house. Don’t be concerned if you see advertisements for high-priced homes; that is just a means of showing off the best that the housing agencies have to offer.


You can buy a home that costs much less, knowing that you may need to do some work on it. USAFIS recommends saving money before you move to America to handle these types of situations.


You will want to hire a real estate attorney to help you finalize the purchase of a house. Due to the large amount of paperwork, you will want to make sure that all documents are in order.


Also, be sure to have a home inspection before signing any final closing papers. A home inspector can verify that the house is in good condition and that there are no serious structural problems with the house.


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