The Mission and Services of USAFIS

USAFIS has one mission, and that is to give people a chance to live a better life in the U.S. by participating in the Green Card Lottery. We understand that immigration to the United States is a dream for many people.

This is why we help thousands of people each year to correctly submit their applications to the Green Card Lottery for an opportunity to immigrate to the USA and live the American Dream.

Service of USAFIS

USAFIS has found that the biggest hindrance to people finally getting their Green Card is one thing — the application. Many people don’t understand what the Green Card Lottery is and how important their application is.

contract-408216_1280Therefore, millions of people are disqualified each year by the U.S. State Department because they made mistakes on their applications. USAFIS guarantees entrance to the Green Card Lottery.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Application without errors.
  • Application that is formatted correctly.
  • Application that is submitted on time.
  • Notification by email, phone, or fax when you are selected by the program.
  • Once selected, guidance by immigration lawyers to help you deal with U.S. embassy officials and necessary documents.


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