The Best States for Fun in the USA During 2018

WalletHub, a financial website, ranked how the 50 states measured up for a fun time. 2018 Most Fun States in America ranked the states by the number of national parks, movie theaters, restaurants, and beach quality. California topped the list with the most fitness centers, performing arts theaters, movie theaters, and restaurants per capita. Not only did California rank as a state, but there are over 30 cities in California that made last year’s list of most fun cities in the United States. There are opportunities for you and your family in these fun states. Contact for help with the Green Card Lottery process. They will walk you through each step!

New York ranked third last year on the list but moved up a spot this year to number two.  Nevada, ranked third, tied with North and South Dakota as the states that allocate the most amount of money on supporting recreation and parks. The home of Walt Disney World, Florida, ranked fourth on the list of the most fun states. The state has the most country clubs and golf courses per capita in the U.S. Chicago ranked ninth on the list of most fun cities in 2017, but Illinois ranked fifth on the most fun states list. Washington ranked sixth as a fun state and fifth for the most movie theaters per capita. If you are applying for the Green Card Lottery, contact They help immigrants and families enjoy a better life in America. They will answer any questions you may have about the immigration process.

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