Program Provides IT Skills and Employer Connections

Google and Coursera, an online learning classroom, has developed a new certificate course to train people for entry-level IT jobs. It doesn’t matter if they do or do not have college degrees. These six courses can be finished in eight to twelve months, and students will be connected to large employers like Wal-Mart or Bank of America who are in search of employees proficient in basic IT skills. Knowing there are programs like this in the U.S. for you and your family, contact USAFIS for information on the Green Card lottery program. They will help you with every step.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate, the new online learning program through Coursera has a cost of $49 monthly, but for a limited amount of time, Google has agreed to pay this fee for 10,000 participants. The initiative in the IT sector is only one part of a billion-dollar venture aimed at helping employees find work in an American economy shaken by technology. Google and other similar tech giants are attempting to discredit criticism about the effect their companies have on society and the workforce. USAFIS will help you through the immigration process so you can make the transition to America a smooth one. There are opportunities waiting for you and your family.


A Google executive, Natalie Van Kleef Conley, who is leading the initiative, said the program came from Google’s experience in trying to hire people for IT positions they needed to fill. She mentioned in an interview with Fortune, the course lessons were created by employees of Google and are targeted at lower income communities, veterans, and refugees. According to Google, “Once people complete the certificate, they can opt-in to share their information directly with top employers, including Bank of America, Walmart, Sprint, GE Digital, PNC Bank, Infosys, TEKsystems, UPMC, and of course, Google, all who are looking to hire IT support talent.” With training like this and the many opportunities that go along with it, contact USAFIS today for information on immigrating to the U.S.

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