People Living in America Come from Many Countries

Americans come from all around the globe, and their families have many stories about their ancestry. Several questions were asked by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey about the economic, demographic, and social characteristics and situations of people living in the USA. One specific question asks those being surveyed to list their families’ ancestries. The US is very welcoming to all immigrants. Contact USAFIS for information about the Green Card Lottery process.

Over 80 percent of those that responded to the question about their ancestry gave at least one answer to their particular lineage. Following is the breakdown of the various answers. Americans with German ancestry are mostly living in the upper Midwest. Those with Irish ancestry are assembled in the northeast. A large part of the Afro-American and African American population resides in the south part of the United States. Mexican-American and Mexican ancestry is most commonly found in states that share a border with Mexico such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Those that identify with English ancestry are scattered all across the country. The Americans who identified their ancestry as being from the United States are mostly located in the central southern states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. The share of Americans who claim Italian ancestry call the mid-Atlantic region home for the most part. Those with American Indian background are found mostly in Alaska, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.

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