Finding a Place to Live after Arriving in the U.S.

When moving to the United States as a foreign national, it can be hard to know where to live. Some immigrant families have assistance, but most must figure it out for themselves.

To find employment, you need a permanent address because employers aren’t likely to hire someone that does not live near his or her place of employment.


It can be tricky because you need money to get a place to live, but you need a job to get the money. USAFIS can assist you in knowing what to expect when you get moved to the U.S.


Your best option is to save some money and sell many of your belongings before you move to the U.S. New immigrants are typically welcome in larger cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia.


Metropolitan cities such as these often have many ethnic neighborhoods with people like yourself. If you are bringing your family, however, it’s good to consider the bigger picture. USAFIS has worked with many immigrants and understands the challenges you will face.


It’s easiest to get together with those who have similar interests and perspectives, especially new immigrants in a strange country. That is why these types of neighborhoods and communities are so attractive to immigrant families.



The question you must ask yourself, however, is what is best for you and your family. While there is a certain amount of security and comfort in living with people like ourselves, it’s possible that you may be cutting yourself off from all that America has to offer.


USAFIS helps people get to the United States and they want you to enjoy all that life has to offer in the United States. As you consider the best place to live, think about the area that will provide you and your family with the greatest opportunities and advantages.


USAFIS will do everything they can to help you prepare for your life in the United States. Living in a major city can be very expensive when you consider rent, transportation, food, insurance, and other needs.


You can pay a large amount of money to rent a small apartment in New York City, but for the same amount each month, you could buy a home in a smaller town. That may not be your first choice, of course, the education system and job opportunities are likely to be better.

usafis-logoUSAFIS has helped thousands of individuals and families get moved to the United States by helping them with their visa application and process.



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