Fastest Growing US Employment in Tech Sector Is in Provo, Utah

The tech industry in Provo, Utah, is on the rise

The region is increasing faster than any other location in the United States, as reported by the Cushman & Wakefield report. Less than an hour away from Salt Lake City, the region is being known as the “Silicon Slopes.” There has been an increase of close to 65 percent in the employees working in the tech sector in Provo, rising far above the national average of about 16 percent. Those working in the tech sector account for ten percent of the city’s total employment.

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Qualtrics, a cloud company, has its headquarters in Provo. They focus on experience management and have a value of over one $1 billion. Provo is the smallest city on the Cushman & Wakefield’s report, with a population of 117,000. The list factored each city’s tech workforce, population demographics that boost the industry, and venture capital funding. Also, the cities had to consider the tech industry “critical,” “important,” or a “key driver” to their economies.

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