Won the Green Card Lottery After 10 Years and Thanks USAFIS

USAFIS specializes in submitting applications that comply with the requirements laid out by U.S. Government to participate in the American Green Card (Diversity Visa) Lottery Program.

They help their clients, all around the world, participate in the Lottery Program. Thousands of applications are rejected every year because of preventable mistakes. USAFIS guarantees 100% participation in the Lottery and they will continue to submit applications on their clients’ behalf for up to 10 years.


In this Skype call between a USAFIS representative and an American Green Card Lottery winner, you hear about a man who was selected in the Green Card Lottery 10 years after applying for it. The organization continued to submit applications to the Lottery program after he had completely forgotten about it.


He talks about the professional service of USAFIS and how he didn’t believe them when he answered the call.

Watch the video now to learn about us and the American Green Card Lottery:

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