Here Are 10 million Reasons to Search for Jobs in the USA

Are you searching for a job and are you willing to relocate? The USA is the place you should be considering. Hiring is reaching rampant figures across all industries as industries are rebuilding the capacity they lost during the global pandemic. The mismatch between supply and worker need is for sure a characteristic of the COVID-19 pandemic recovery. In June 2021, the US had a record 10.1 million open positions, as sectors are struggling to find enough staff to support the full recovery. If you are looking for a good job opportunity, you can start your journey toward a new life in the USA. Contact USAFIS and let them help you with the right visa to the United States.

Some unemployed in the US are facing challenges like childcare, or the concern of contracting the coronavirus while on the job. The Executive VP of the US Chamber of Commerce said to sustain the economic recovery, the US must get serious about taking away these challenges. He specifically addressed the childcare needs, adding more skills training, and increasing US immigration numbers. The childcare challenge will be partly met as schools reopen after the summer and, as unemployment benefits the government has been handing out end, the hiring rate could be affected. USAFIS has over 20 years of experience in assisting people around the world with preparing and submitting their applications for the Diversity Visa Program in the United States. They offer several beneficial services to those ready to begin a new life in America. Contact them today!

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