What is the DV-Lottery timeline?

During the past several years, the U.S. State Department has usually published its annual list of eligible and ineligible countries and the latest DV-Lottery regulations just prior to the brief registration period, USAFIS had learned.

The exact start and finish dates for the DV-Lottery registration period vary from year to year, but it normally occurs in October prior to the year when the DV-Lottery is held. Applications and photos can only be submitted online to the DV-Lottery during the annual registration period.

According to USAFIS, the actual DV-Lottery takes place early the next year and the “winners” who were selected in the Lottery are usually notified starting in May.

As noted earlier, those who are selected in the DV-Lottery for the opportunity to continue the U.S. immigration process must next submit some forms to the U.S. State Department’s Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) so that the Consular Interview can be scheduled.

The Consular Interviews are scheduled starting in October of the year the DV-Lottery is held and the entire U.S. immigration procedure must be completed by September 30th of the following year.

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