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08 Aug

Help Wanted: Workers Needed for 6.6 Million US Job Openings!

The United States saw a historically unusual statistic in March 2018: The number of US job openings was equal to the number of unemployed.

15 Jul

The Top 20 Small Cities for Entrepreneurs in America

There are several cities in the United States in an excellent position to provide opportunities for those wanting to start a business of their own.

16 May

Best Places to Work in America for Salary and Benefits

When narrowing down the most important factors in a company when looking for a job, pay and benefits are the most important. Close to one-third of millennials said they would change jobs in the USA if a raise were in the picture.

15 Apr

US Job Search Tips You Should Know

You must adopt a new strategy and tactics to be successful. Here are some hacks for U.S. job searching that could benefit you

11 Apr

US Employment Plentiful for Construction Workers

Construction spending is also on the rise, soaring more than predicted to $1.257 trillion, over a two percent raise annually.

03 Apr

Where to Find US Employment in a Diverse Workplace Setting

To gather information about the companies, Forbes worked alongside Statista, a research firm. Statista surveyed about 30,000 employers in the United States with questions about gender, diversity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, and disability.

20 Mar

America’s Top 50 Jobs for 2018

At the beginning of every year, Glassdoor, an online job finding company, releases a list of the best jobs in the U.S. These jobs are high-skilled, have high earning potential, can be found in almost every job sector, has high hiring demand, and job satisfaction.

14 Mar

Program Provides IT Skills and Employer Connections

These six courses can be finished in eight to twelve months, and students will be connected to large employers like Wal-Mart or Bank of America who are in search of employees proficient in basic IT skills.

05 Mar

New Alabama Auto Plant to Create 4,000 Jobs in America

Toyota and Mazda, Japanese automakers, are planning a joint-venture and building a $1.6 billion plant in Alabama. The company is looking to employ close to 4,000 people.

09 Jan

US Jobs with Good Work-Life Balance

The millennials of this generation realize money is not everything. Although these young people have a record level of student